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Why should my child be seen every six months?

Children's teeth and jaws change rapidly and small cavities become large much more quickly in primary teeth than in permanent teeth.  As well, there can be a short window at certain stages of growth to minimize orthodontic problems than can be more difficult to correct at later stages of development.  Preventative measures such as sealants [...]

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Should I replace my old amalgam fillings?

Just because a filling is old or made of a specific material doesn't mean that it needs to be replaced.  Replacement of fillings depends on the condition of the individual tooth.  We will be happy to discuss your individual situation at your next visit.

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Does it matter what kind of toothpaste and toothbrush I use?

YES. Studies have shown that medium and hard bristled toothbrushes can damage your teeth and gums.  A soft or extra soft toothbrush is enough to remove the plaque and debris that collects on your teeth. Different toothpastes can protect or harm your teeth.  Many toothpastes are very abrasive, scratching the enamel as they physically scrub [...]

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I’ve always been told eating sugary foods is bad for my teeth. Are there any other foods I should be careful of?

Yes, although sugar intake should be limited, we have to take special attention to the amount acid we intake. Many foods such as lemons, oranges and all carbonated drinks (sports drinks, energy drinks, pop) have a high level of acid. Once sugar is in our mouth it turns into acid and the acid is what [...]

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